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Top-Notch Veterinary Care in Webster, Rochester, NY and Beyond

At All Cats Care Center, a Webster and Rochester area vet, we adore felines so much that we decided to serve them exclusively. Our team understands the special care cats need and that visits to a mixed animal practice can be incredibly stressful. With feline-only care, cats become more relaxed and at ease, which makes them happier and healthier overall. We offer comprehensive services delivered with a gentle, reassuring touch. If you’re looking for a Webster / Rochester area vet that loves kitties as much as you do, you’ve come to the right place. Call or stop by today!


Fluffy’s Life Goals (Or Lack Thereof)

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National Lazy Day

There’s a special holiday coming up August 10th. However, we suspect that many of our feline patients won’t bother to celebrate. That’s because it’s Lazy Day! Kitties certainly spend a … Read More »


Adopting a Stray Cat

Have you been considering adopting a stray? Perhaps you’ve noticed a cute kitty hanging out near your home. Maybe you’ve already started feeding Fluffy, and become attached to her. You … Read More »